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absent from world


mixed media/ acrylic plate, pillow, motor, monitor, DVD player, wood,
a sheet of letter

The pillow set up with the motor inside seems to breathe, as the surface is moving up and down.
On the wall, the image of the milk that keeps overflowing from the glass and the image of the clouds that do nothing but pass are projected.
On the other wall, the letter received one year ago (...In Finland we use to say living is dying. Life is moving all the time, nothing is stable...) is stuck.
Man's most basic movement is to inhale and to exhale. I showed this here so that we can pay attention to the breathing, as we are usually unconsciously breathing. "Living" is seen by continuously watching monotonous, repetitive exercises of pillow inhaling and exhaling and the feeling of emptiness, of "no longer here" is caused. And the flowing milk is the life that keeps flowing, and the scudding cloud is time that keeps flowing. All pillows, images, and letters keep moving slightly. A little movement expresses quietness.
The invisible person that seems to be sleeping leaves the room for the imagination of the spectators and is an expression of life and death.