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Place to meet the distance



Photo: Jun Sambonmatsu

I made this work as a series of "For lots of lost windows" after 3 years. We planted flowers in a wasteland as a workshop task. And I installed the long ladder which led to the clouds. We can not climb it because it has long feet, more than 10m high. The living being picture themselves climbing it.The words "this blue leads to everywhere" are engraved on middle of the ladder. Not anyone can read it but the dead and the living can communicate anywhere. The time to wait for the clouds is included in the work.
This is a typical scenery of the ladders attached on the roof of the houses in this area with heavy snowfall. The ladders which are used to shovel the snow off seem like a symbol for this hard season here; I intended to change the image of it in a positive way.
And I made a detour to reach to the work through a path in the small woods because I wanted to have another route that takes longer time and to feel the sudden brightness once one comes out of the darkness. I planted ivy on the feet of the ladder to climb up every year. Time is contained in the work because the work will last for a long time.