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Placing time


FRP, sand, motor, spot light

Photo: Shinpei Fukazawa/Taiun Takada

I showed the time stretching and accumulating itself to be visible with quantity and shapes. The sand keeps falling from the ceiling and lingers for a few moments on the objects, then it forms piles of time.
While we look at the work, the time also passes and the surface always changes. Both the swaying of the sand to and fro coupled with the changing surfaces of the piles, and the time spent observing compose the work. The time doesn't flow twice though the past keeps existing. The present time is not only as adjacent point of the past and the future, but also contains them. The time is shifting from future(ceiling) to past (ground) through present as my consciousness.
We can go and come freely in time in our memory and time because the past “exists”. There is a mass of sand as a proof of the past. The present does not shift the past momentarily but the past comes gradually. The light that reflects to the sand is floating and falling slowly. And you can see the grain of time prolonged to a physical presence.
The motion image is a light or reflection of light, and I made this work as an expression of the motion image.