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Encounter the Moment-1


mixed media
video(loop 20min),curtain,fan,flame,
motor,spangle,spot light
photo, panel, a sheet of paper
video (2min loop)
feather, motor, light
and the building and scenery

I created a small town from metal fittings such as nuts and bolts because the exhibition venue is located in a factory town where they produce metal products. The tiny styrene balls move about both quickly and slowly, due to the wind from the electric fan, like small creatures. The balls sometimes form groups and at other times become isolated or move unpredictably. There is a small chance that the viewer might accidently encounter the installation at a time when the wind sends the balls moving through the small pipes, down a small slope, or into encounters with one another. This work is therefore like a miniature copy of a small town, complete with people and unexpected happenings.