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Encounter the Moment-2


mixed media
sunlight, mirror, motor

Photo: Shinpei Fukazawa/Jun Sanbonmatsu

This work uses the reflections of the sun’s light on mirrors placed within the gallery. Each of the mirrors placed on the floor was rotating, catching the sunlight and passing the reflection on to another mirror. The round mirrors moved the trimmed scenery and sunlight all around the room and outside in an organic manner. The gallery itself was of a two-layered construction and the inner room was quite dark. The sunlight was brought into the dark inner room where a large mirror awaited. This mirror was also rotating and had reversed text written on it. If the sunlight were to reach the mirror, the text would appear (correctly oriented) on the wall. However, this presentation relies somewhat on the possibility of a small miracle, as all conditions had to fall in line at the same time including the weather, angle of the sunlight, angle of the mirror and position of the viewer in order for the text to appear. The work is therefore somewhat of a paradox, and it points to the idea that people cannot create miracles simply through intention.